SYMPOSIUM: ‘The Once and Future Reformation’: The Way of the Spirit. Thurs 25 – Sat 27 May

Posted on May 10, 2017

An opportunity to talk about the current need for renewal and reformation today, in the churches and in the world. Our Symposium will be diverse, ecumenical, and imaginative. Join us for three days of lectures, reflections and discussion on ways of learning from the past, of living in the present and of looking to the future. Keynote speaker: Francis Moloney SDB, AM, STD, D. Phil. (Oxon), D. Univ. (ACU), FAHA Thursday evening 7.30-9.30 he will speak on “Reform: Spirituality and the Person of Jesus: Christian Holiness as Deification (Theiosis).” A talk which points to the strength...

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SRG: Mary Oliver’s Upstream with Donna Ward: Tuesday 16 May 4.30 – 6.00 pm

Posted on May 8, 2017

Mary Oliver’s poetry has won numerous awards, including the Pulitzer Prize. In this session we will focus on Oliver’s latest book of selected essays, Upstream, in which her themes continue to be the intersection between the human and natural world. We will explore her take on being human in this world where birth, life and death is, simultaneously, an incidental occurrence. And, we will discuss these essays in relationship to the recent collection, The Abundance, from Oliver’s contemporary, Annie Dillard, who also explores the great mysteries of existence. BOOK HERE...

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Carmelite Spiritual Learning Group: Discussion on Suffering: Thursday 1 June, 3.00 – 4.30

Posted on May 6, 2017

SUFFERING – EXPLORING OUR UNDERSTANDING OF AND ATTITUDES TO SUFFERING. Come and join the discussion. This discussion is part of a series of discussions aimed at deepening our own spirituality by exploring Christian topics such as forgiveness, hope, love, the Trinity, Christians as citizens, and other topics as they are suggested  from the people involved. These sessions aim to connect the thinking and talking with daily living – bringing head and heart together and enhancing Christian living. The topic for Thursday 1 June Suffering and the group will meet in the Carmelite Library....

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Library Lecture: Moments of Grace with Gerald O’Collins: Tuesday 6 June 7 – 9 pm

Posted on May 4, 2017

What can lectio divina or ‘holy reading’ look like in practice? What might come to the surface if we surrender ourselves to some biblical passages, which belong to Pentecost (this year on 4 June ), and let the Spirit lead us? Author or co-author of 68 published books, including most recently Letters to Nevie (St Paul’s Publishing, London). BOOK HERE   and pay cash on the night. Book via try booking and pay with credit...

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SRG: Shinto with Jenny Raper: Tuesday 20 June 4.30 – 6.00 pm

Posted on Apr 30, 2017

Shinto: the way of the spirits (Kami.) Before the arrival of Buddhism in Japan (c. 538CE) they had no reason to define their spiritual beliefs and practices. “Kami can refer to spirits of nature – mountains, rivers, trees, rocks and ocean – all conceived to be alive and sacred. It may also refer to the deity dwelling in these natural objects or a supernatural power, a collective ancestor spirit….The kami spirit may be incarnate in certain individuals – brave, unusual, or gifted – and these individuals may be deified as living kami.” (Michiko Yusa) BOOK HERE...

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Mid-Winter Retreat: Taizé prayer: Sat 24 June 10am – 3 pm

Posted on Apr 28, 2017

Taizé prayer provides a space to be yourself, to pray, to be silent and to listen to God. The prayer is beautiful, meditative and a joy to experience. The Taizé in Melbourne group are an ecumenical team of volunteers who organise Taizé prayer at different Churches around the city. They also liaise with the Taizé Brothers to organise events when the Brothers visit Melbourne every couple of years. For more information please visit: www.facebook.com/groups/taize.melb BOOK HERE and pay on the day or BOOK via...

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