SRG: Mary Oliver’s Upstream with Donna Ward: Tuesday 16 May 4.30 – 6.00 pm

Posted on May 8, 2017

Mary Oliver’s poetry has won numerous awards, including the Pulitzer Prize. In this session we will focus on Oliver’s latest book of selected essays, Upstream, in which her themes continue to be the intersection between the human and natural world. We will explore her take on being human in this world where birth, life and death is, simultaneously, an incidental occurrence. And, we will discuss these essays in relationship to the recent collection, The Abundance, from Oliver’s contemporary, Annie Dillard, who also explores the great mysteries of existence. BOOK HERE...

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Lent and Easter timetable at Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church and St Joseph’s Church

Posted on Apr 12, 2017

All are welcome to join us at St Joseph’s Church Port Melbourne or Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church Middle Park for any of the events leading up to Easter and for the Easter ceremonies. 2017 Lent & Easter...

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SRG: Catherine of Siena with Ann Rochford: Tuesday 18 April 4.30-6.00pm

Posted on Apr 8, 2017

Catherine of Siena, the great 14th Century Dominican woman, was a celebrated Mystic, whose early religious life was devoted to caring for the sick in their homes and hospitals. In this, she gathered a wide group of devoted followers, both women and men, religious and lay. As her calling blossomed, she became famous in her lifetime as a counsellor, spiritual guide and peacemaker. Although untaught in writing until a few years prior to her death, she corresponded with princes, popes and kings. Her lengthy correspondence with Pope Gregory XI, urging him to return from Avignon to Rome and reform...

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Retreat Day: Spirituality within the Ordinary: Signs, Symbols and the Sacred: with Pia Pagotto: Saturday 29 April 10am – 3pm

Posted on Apr 6, 2017

A reflective day to take yourself beyond the busy-ness of daily routine to a world of deeper meaning within the ordinariness of life. The spiritual life involves responding to the challenge of the infinite number of invitations scattered on our path each moment of the day, and that we often miss. Such ordinary things and events are a window to something beyond us: • How can we see below their surface? • How can we see meaning in these? • How can they connect us to the sacred? This retreat explores how the spiritual life allows the ordinary, and the meaning we bring to it, to speak to us and...

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Carmelite Conversations: Mary Magdalene de Pazzi with Sr Paula & Sr Jerome: Tues 2 May 10am

Posted on Apr 4, 2017

Saint Mary Magdalene de’Pazzi, Carmelite Nun and Mystic 450th Anniversary Year: 2nd April 2016 – 25th May 2017 Saint Mary Magdalen de Pazzi invites us to glimpse life in the rich and fascinating world of 16th century Florence. Her story linking up with the early history of the first Carmelite Nuns Reveals the mysterious ways of God in prayer Shows how liturgy has an important role in contemplative prayer Uncovers a path of beauty leading to God Gives proofs of real holiness in a person Manifests mission in contemplative prayer And you will want to discover even more about this...

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The Spirituality & Culture of East Timor: Wednesday 15 March 7 – 9 pm

Posted on Mar 14, 2017

Mayra Walsh and Bro Januario Pinto will speak about the history of the Catholic Church in Timor, Timorese animist customary beliefs and how these two important aspects of Timorese society are interwoven through everyday life in local communities today. BOOK...

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