Vision, Mission & Goals



To be a leader in facilitating spiritual journeys, growth and ethical communities in the Carmelite tradition.


Together with the Carmelite Library, leverage and build on the Carmelite tradition and bring the essence of this tradition of spirituality and mysticism to the community through a range of spirituality based programs and experiences.
The Carmelite tradition honours the individual, embraces community and welcomes people who seek spirituality and personal enrichment.


The values of the Carmelite tradition honour:

  • Contemplation
  • Reflection
  • Free thinking
  • Independence
  • Community
  • Grace

Brand Promise

To facilitate spiritual journeys, growth and community by encouraging contemplation, independent and free thinking, and an attitude of simplicity, humility and grace.

The Carmelites’ traditional charisms of Prayer, Fraternity and Service are reflected in our program under the headings:

  • Spirituality
  • Community, and
  • Service

…all of which lead to a contemplative disposition

The focus of the Carmelite Centre Melbourne vision has three elements:

  1. Developing Spiritual Journeys
  2. Developing Spiritual Leaders
  3. Developing Leadership Outreach