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A team of experience facilitators, well qualified in their areas of interest, facilitate a range of lecture, workshops and reflection sessions. Here are some of the people who assist us at the Centre. Please contact us with topics you are interested in as we are constantly attracting high quality facilitators.

Denis Andrew

After Ordination in 1980 Fr Denis Andrew has spent thirty years in Carmelite parish ministry around Australia. Fr Denis is interested in the changes that have occurred in Carmelite life and in the Church and wider community over these thirty years. With these changes the Carmelites and the Church are exploring new ways of connecting with people’s faith. Increasingly this involves sharing the Carmelite life with lay people of all cultures connected to the Carmelite spirituality. Despite 30 years of change Fr Denis believes faith and belief remains an important force in Australia and the world, even if in quite different ways – one of these initiatives being to embrace the life and energy of the close links with East Timor and the Asia and Oceania region.

Anne Booth

Anne is a Clinical Child Psychologist who has worked with the Alfred Hospital Child and Youth Mental Health Service for over twenty years. Her studies focused on psycho-dynamic and developmental approaches in her field with particular interests in multidisciplinary work, Infant Mental Health, Developmental Assessment, Indigenous Health, Group work and teaching and working with professionals from other services.

Anne Boyd

Anne is a Brigidine Sister with a long history in education. She is currently a member of the Coordinating Team of the EarthSong Project which offers programs in ecology and spirituality. Anne edits the EarthSong journal see www.earthsong.org.au

Hugh Brown OCarm

Hugh is a Carmelite priest and Parish Priest of the Port Melbourne Middle Park parish.  Earlier in his ministry, Hugh taught Theology and Biblical Studies at the Yarra Theological Union, Box Hill and McAuley Teachers College, Mitchelton before it became the Queensland Campus of the Australian Catholic University. After that, he spent eight years as Principal of Whitefriars College, Donvale and then Parish Priest of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, Middle Park and St Joseph’s Parish, Port Melbourne. Prior to coming to Churchill, Hugh worked for the Catholic Education Office in the Diocese of Sale as the Secondary Educational Consultant and continues to teach Biblical Studies in the Scalan Program of the Diocese which aims to equip leaders in Catholic Education with an introduction to both Theology and Biblical Studies. He also conducts seminars for parishes and schools in the areas of leadership and the formation of Christian communities.

David Cheah

David has been a gadgeteer for as long as he can remember. He believes that he is in geek heaven today with the plethora of gadgets and resources available anytime, anywhere. Coupled with his passion for truth and all things spiritual, David believes that there must be a higher purpose for gadgets and he is totally dedicated to evangelizing how we can use gadgets to fulfill the higher purpose of spiritual growth. Professionally, David is a strategist and futurist advising businesses and organisations on business, strategy, marketing and communications.

Susan Frykberg

Susan reads widely in Christian Mysticism, practices centering prayer, is a poet and a composer and holds degrees in Theology, Ancient Languages and Composition. In addition to her association with the Carmelite Library,  Susan works at URBAN SEED – a Christian community development organization that gathers around food, recreation and creative art to foster a sense of home for all involved.

Angela Gallipoli

Angela is a Social Worker and spiritual seeker, with a deep interest in the interface between personal and spiritual growth, and the role of creativity in helping us to live more fulfilling and authentic lives.

Philip Harvey

Philip is the Librarian of the Carmelite Library. He is also, among other things, the Poetry Editor of the Jesuit online magazine Eureka Street.

Irene Hayes

Irene is Centre Leader at The Carmelite Centre Melbourne bringing many years experience in education, counseling and Human Resource Management consulting to the role. Along with her husband Damien Peile, she is committed to walking the journey of life with people who wish to explore living at a deeper level and continue to grow personally and spiritually.

David Hofman OCarm

Fr David is a member of the Carmelite Province of Australia and Timor Leste and Director of Carmelite Communications. David has written on liturgy, music, ministry and church architecture for Liturgy News and Summit magazine. He has given talks, workshops and practical sessions on sacraments, theology, liturgical music and various forms of prayer including Lectio Divina in both Melbourne and Brisbane.

Will Johnston

Will has been teaching European cultural history for nearly fifty years. After a career in the history department of the University of Massachusettt, Amherst, he retired to Melbourne in 1999. Here he taught Church History at Yarra Theological Union (2001-2007), and more recently he taught Dante’s Comedy at Monash University’s Prato Centre in Prato, Italy. He is the author of four books on Austrian intellectual history and editor of the two-volume Encyclopedia of Monasticism (2000). He views Dante’s poem (1306-1321) as a focal point where his interests converge.

Adrian Jones

Adrian has been leading courses in spirituality and conducting retreats for over thirty years. He has a strong interest in Carmelite spirituality. He completed the course in spiritual leadership at Loyola University Chicago and is an accredited spiritual director. Adrian is married and lives now with his wife Maureen in Melbourne. They lived for twenty years on a farm near Foster in South Gippsland where they were able to express their love for the land and the giftedness of the fragile universe of which we are part. Adrian’s desire as a presenter of programs at the Carmelite Centre is to encourage people no matter where they find themselves to engage with their unique journey of life.

Matthew McPhee OCarm

Matthew has extensive experience walking the journey of faith with people of all ages and stages. As well as previously directing prayer houses across Australia, Matthew has a practical, warm and intuitive manner and believes God is ever present in our hearts and minds. His approach to spiritual companioning is based on learning to know God’s love and how to deepen one’s trust and awareness of this love – which is at our fingertips.

Michael McGartland

Michael is the Principle Clinical Psychologist at Alfred Health He  has worked in clinical and counseling psychology for over thirty years.  He is a regular presenter at The Carmelite Centre.

Peter Martin

Peter is an Anglican priest serving as vicar of the parishes of Queenscliff and Point Lonsdale. The faith community run a small House of Prayer adjacent to the Church where people come on retreat. It is a ministry of hospitality offering a simple daily round of meditation and morning and evening prayer which, when combined with the beauty and natural rhythms of the seaside and wetlands environment, provide a spacious and sacred vehicle for the intentional seeker.

Bernadette Micallef ocds

Bernadette has a long association with the Carmelite Order. Having completed a Bachelor of Theology and a Graduate Diploma in Spirituality she has been working as a Spiritual Director with The Carmelite Centre Melbourne since she qualified in 2011. In presenting seminars and retreat days she draws on both her study of Carmelite texts and her life experience immersed in Carmelite spirituality.

Carol O’Connor

Carol is a writer, teacher and the Manager of St Peter’s Bookroom in Melbourne. She has a Masters in English Literature; a particular interest in poetry, meditation and Celtic spirituality; and follows her own mystical path.

Teresa Paradowski Lay OCarm

Teresa made contact with Lay Carmelites for the first time in 1981 during the centenary celebrations of the Carmelite Friars arrival in Australia. She was received into the Third Order in July 1984 and did her formation by correspondence. Teresa’s First Profession was in August 1986 and Profession for Life on 9 July 1989.

Damien Peile

With qualifications in theology, social work and counseling, Damien’s professional life has been spent in assisting people find psychological and spiritual meaning in their life. Currently, Damien works as a counselor at the Alfred hospital and has broad experience in individual and group work exploring themes of grief, loss and transition. He is also an experienced mediator and relationship counselor having worked in organisations including Centacare Family Services and in private practice. His work reflects his own psychological and spiritual journey addressing the question of ‘where do I find God in my life?’.

Lynne Reeder

Lynne Reeder trained as a meditation teacher with Deepak Chopra in the US. She is currently teaching meditation and mindfulness at the Wellness Centre at the Base Hospital, and has also run workshops in Melbourne and Canberra. Her PhD reflected on the contribution of Franciscan values to the international relations theory of global interdependence. Lynne attended a conference at Stanford University on new aspects of meditation and mindfulness gained from neuroscience and evolutionary biology. In presenting session at the Carmelite Centre Lynne draws on her own spiritual journey which includes study of Franciscan spirituality; experiences as a Chopra-trained meditation teacher; and using Julia Cameron’s morning pages.

Professor David Tacey

David teaches at La Trobe University in Melbourne. He is a public intellectual who has written extensively on spirituality, mental health and society. He is the author of fourteen books, including Edge of the Sacred (1995/2009), ReEnchantment (2000), and The Spirituality Revolution (2003). His most recent book is Gods and Diseases: Making Sense of Our Physical and Mental Wellbeing (2011). David studied literature, psychology and philosophy at Flinders and Adelaide Universities, and completed post-doctoral studies in psychoanalysis in the United States. His books have been translated into several languages, including Mandarin, Korean, Spanish, Portuguese and French.

Peter Thomas

A filmmaker by profession Peter has gained an interest in meditation due to his involvement in producing television programs about ascetical people and communities. A teacher of meditation his eclectic knowledge is drawn from his study with the Dalai Lama in India, Thich Nhat Hanh in France and Christian monastic life in both Australia and overseas. Producer of many television documentaries about indigenous issues he won a United Nations Peace Prize in the category of Indigenous Issues for his SBS – TV documentary, “Sacred Stones”.