The Carmelite Centre is run and managed by a team of dedicated professionals and volunteers committed to reaching and engaging the local community to help them explore spirituality and the principles of the ‘Carmelite Way’.

The Carmelite Centre Board
Comprising representatives of the Carmelites, parishioners and professional people, the Board is responsible for oversight and strategic direction of the Centre. The Board provides spiritual guidance and oversight through its bi-monthly meetings as well as statutory and compliance governance to ensure that the Centre operates at the required level of compliance and stewardship in every way.

The Leadership Team
The Centre Leader and Pastoral Adviser provide day-to-day management of the Centre and all its events, programs and services. They are responsible for the creation, development and management of events, coordination of programs and providing support and assistance to the many speakers and visitors to the Centre.

Irene Hayes is The Carmelite Centre Leader and manages the daily operations of the center and is the key contact for most activities.

Damien Peile is The Carmelite Centre Pastoral Adviser and liaison with local interfaith groups and representatives. He also provides Spiritual Mentoring and counseling at The Centre.

They are supported by volunteers who assist with Marketing and Promotion, Planning and running of events.

If you would like to volunteer please contact us on or 03 9690 5430