Posts made in October, 2016

Richard Rohr: Spirituality and the search for our True Self, with Angela Gallipoli: Tuesday 15 November 4.30 – 6pm

Posted on Oct 20, 2016

The topic for the November Spiritual Reading group is the thought of Richard Rohr especially in his books Falling Upward and Immortal Diamond.  In these books Rohr explores the rich spiritual themes of what it means to be fully human, what it takes to grow and develop spiritually, and what we need to do, or undo, so that our True Self may be revealed, through the complex and frequently difficult journey of our lives. A selection of excerpts from these books will be presented for discussion and reflection. BOOK HERE download flyer here...

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The Vision of David Jones: Artist and Poet, with Susan Southall, Tues 18 Oct 4.30pm

Posted on Oct 14, 2016

The work of David Jones is the topic of October’s Spiritual Reading Group. David Jones (1895-1974) was both one of the finest English painters of the 20th Century, and one of the century’ s great poets.  His long poems In Parenthesis and The Anathemata were admired by T. S. Eliot and W. H. Auden. In Parenthesis deals with events during WW I and reflects Jones’ experiences at the Somme where he was wounded. He was converted to Roman Catholicism at the age of 21 and showed a marked devotion to the Latin Mass, the major theme of his poetry, for the rest of his life. His mystical paintings...

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The feminine as the gate to the divine realm: insights from the Tantra, the Kabbalah and the Gospels, Tues 25 Oct, 5-7pm

Posted on Oct 12, 2016

with Fr John Dupuche and Merav Carmeli. This talk will explore the role of the woman and the divine female (Shakti, Shekhinah and the Holy Spirit) as the gate way into the experience of the divine.  ……………………………………………………………………………….   Book via this link or via the website BOOK HERE Download the flyer feminine-divine-flyer...

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