Posts made in August, 2016

Spiritual Reading: The Philokalia: Voices from the Holy Mountain. Tuesday 20 Sept, 4.30pm

Posted on Aug 27, 2016

The month’s spiritual reading group will be lead by Bata Bardak. Bata Bardak is a former librarian who has made several visits to Mount Athos. He has stayed at the Greek, Russian, Bulgarian and Serbian monasteries and had the privilege of being allowed access to ancient manuscript collections. The Philokalia is a collection of Byzantine ascetical and mystical texts written between the 4th and 15th centuries. It is the foundation text for the  spiritual tradition known as  hesychasm (or “inner stillness”) widely practiced in the monastic  communities of Mount Athos.  Selections from...

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Carmelite Spiritual Learning Group: COMPASSION, Thursday 29 September 3.30 – 5.00pm

Posted on Aug 26, 2016

Compassion is the first topic in a number of specific concepts in Christian teachings that we wish to explore in order to deepen our spirituality. The format of this newly established group is that of a self-directed learning group supported by Fr David Hofman and the Carmelite librarian Philip Harvey. We want to bring our head and heart to bear on difficult Christian concepts to deepen our understanding and importantly to help us live better lives. The group will determine the topics and the way in which we approach them. Approaches may include discussing a particular text or bringing our...

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Retreat: Carmelite Prayer: the way of Teresa and Therese, Sat 8 October 10.00 am – 3.00 pm

Posted on Aug 17, 2016

You are invited to share a day of reflection with Sr Paula and Sr Miriam from the Carmelite Monastery, Kew. Held in the O’Connor/Pilkington Rooms at 214 Richardson Street, Middle Park. These Carmelite saints encourage us on the journey of a lifetime, seeking the Face of the Lord. They walk with us today as friends and companions, sharing their wisdom and understanding, lighting our paths to help us discover our own gifts of prayer. In this month of October, as we celebrate with St Teresa and St Therese, let us take time to listen and pray with them as we share their spirit and gifts....

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