Posts made in December, 2014

‘Contemplative Aging’ Wednesday 11 Feb 9.30am-12.30pm with Peter Thomas

Posted on Dec 18, 2014

A Way of Being in Later Life. A program for those aged 60 and beyond who want to experience a more peaceful, aware way of being through contemplative practices and to transcend the many causes of suffering that can come in later life. Based on the writings of Gerontologist, Dr Edmund Sherman) BOOK NOW 2015 ContemplativeAging flyer In modern societies people are expected to remain “activity-oriented” in their later years, rather than change to a more contemplative, spiritual, and peaceful way of living. The latter, however, is ideally-suited to people in later life and offers many...

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The Gospel of Mark with Hugh Brown O Carm, Tuesday 17 & 24 February, 7-9pm

Posted on Dec 17, 2014

This year in 2015 the gospel readings on Sundays are drawn primarily from the Gospel According to Mark. This is the shortest of the four gospels and the earliest to be written. Mark is the inventor of what we call a gospel, that is, a consecutive narrative account of the ministry and death and resurrection of Jesus as the foundation and model of the Christian life. Carmelite priest Hugh Brown, parish priest of Port Melbourne Middle Park parish will lead us in two sessions to enhance our understanding of the gospel for this year.  BOOK NOW – first session  BOOK NOW – second...

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Spiritual Reading Group – The Art of Antoni Gaudi with Rom Brady, 17 February 4.30-6pm

Posted on Dec 16, 2014

The Spanish Catalan architect Antoni Gaudí is most famous for the great Barcelona church of the Sagrada Família. In his introduction to the architecture Juan-Eduardo Circlot, Spanish poet, art critic and musician, refers to a shroud of mystery surrounding Gaudí. Circlot writes, “In all probability the fi rst mist preventing us from gaining access to his work is the intrinsic mysteriousness of all genius and, at the end of the day, of all human spirit. The situation is complicated by the well-known fact that Gaudí wished to create an aura of silence around his persona, while at the same time...

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Integrating action and contemplation: new perspectives for planning your new year. Sat 21 Feb with Lynne Reeder

Posted on Dec 15, 2014

In today’s world planning how we want to live our life requires a fresh balance between setting goals and dealing with our insecure world. This workshop, from 10:00 to 3:00,  will assist you in developing the new skills required in 2015: a strong tolerance for ambiguity, an ability to allow, developing a soothing self, to not know, for self-compassion, and an embrace of mystery.   BOOK NOW 2015ContemplativePlanningflyer Lynne Reeder trained as a meditation teacher with Deepak Chopra in the US. She is currently teaching meditation and mindfulness at the Wellness Centre at the Base Hospital,...

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